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R.BOT works on Russia-2045 lecture


February 19, 2015 The public movement "Russia...


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Special offer for buyers


ATTENTION! SPECIAL OFFER! The purchase price until 31 December: - RBOT-100 full set of 349 000 rubles To protect against price increases...

RBot100 provides the job



Рбот100 для людей с ограниченными возможностями

  Роботы Рбот100 помогают людям из разных городов России работать в городе Москве, используя интернет. При этом работать могут даже люди с ограниченными возможностями. Главное, чтобы у них был интернет, компьютер и желание работать. Самое интересное, что уровень зарплаты в этом случае московский. Также роботы Рбот100 помогают школьникам с временно ограниченными возможностями (заболевания исключающие временное посещение школы).  Робот стерилен, но при этом прекрасно передает дух школы, дружбы и взаимопомощи.

R.BOT attends lessons


Robot helps children to attend school in Ryazan city R.BOT 100 robots were installed in schools №  11 and 56 of the city as a part of the project. Communicative avatars  answer teachers questions and interact with classmates. Robot Sasha will be kept by the school №11  at least for a year. In the nearest future it will be the alter ego og fourth-grade student Alexandra. Last summer girl began remote education because of disease. Of course, some teachers come to her home. But this individual work can't completely replace live school environment, lessons at the classroom and communication with other children. In fact, homeworking pupil is isolated from society and classmates who can not share with them their own interests, and know the latest school news. Robot not only provides a child an opportunity to attend lessons, but also virtually move through the corridors from class to class, and to communicate with mates, which is very important. TVNZ Ryazan February 6, 2015 http://ryazan.kp.ru/daily/26338/3221699/

R.BOT in Ryazan kindergarten


Ryazan opened a unique kindergarten which has no analogues in Russia

The main "highlight" of the kindergarten has become a robot Yaroslav, who will move from group to group and tape the education process - parents can monitor their children on-line via Internet. R.BOT 100 at the Ryazan kindergarten is a phase of a pilot educational project launched by RBOT in January 2015. Also two R.BOT 100 robots started working at 11 and 56 schools in Ryazan.

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Ryazan News Agency 01/28/2015

TVNZ Ryazan February 6, 2015

R.BOT robots at school


R.BOT robots have been working at Russian schools since 2010 helping sick kids to get inclusive education. However, in 2010 it was not yet the word "inclusive", everyone knew about robots just from American movies. But the idea of "presence" of the student in the classroom through the robot was born in Russia, and no modern projects in the West will be able to make people forget that first experience in the world, the Russian project in 738 and 166 schools in the city of Moscow. We begin this story from the end, as usual.

R.BOT helps children


Robot in Ryazan District Hospital helps children at school More than 20 years RODKB was cooperating with the school №56 of the Ryazan city. The school branch was also opened in the hospital. Now robot Stepan helps to learn the course. His appared for a pilot inclusive education project, held by school number 56 and the regional children's hospital with the assistance of the Department of Education and the administration of Ryazan and regional ministries of health and education. A child who is using a computer can remotely control the robot, see everything that happens in the classroom, answer questions of a teacher and communicate with mates. Website Administration of Ryazan 02.02.2015 http://admrzn.ru/informatsionnye-razdely/novosti/2015/:12753

(Русский) Презентация RBOT Synergy Swan.


TV channel Russia Today is our good partner and publish stories about RBOT robots regularly. Here is report about the presentation of robot RBOT Synergy Swan. It took place in the spring, but let us remind you about that great day today  :)