What is R.Bot
R.BOT 100 – Russia’s first robot that provides remote presence to the operator at the location where installed. The operator has the opportunity to see the whole environment surrounding the robot, hear and communicate with people who control the movement of the robot to rotate the head in a wide range.
Why Robot
greatest benefit robots R.BOT bring in the social sectors – education and culture. In several schools of Moscow installed robots to help children learn with disabilities: they are present in the classroom, classroom hours, participate in discussions and school life. This allows them not only to obtain equal access to information with others, but also to adapt to the social environment. Mobile robot R.BOT 100 – it’s also a godsend for those who want to use new ideas and innovations to promote their services and products. Robot-promoter is able to provide a genuine interest in an advertising campaign on the part of potential consumers.
We want to order the robot to the action. What equipment is necessary for us to work robot?
No, all equipment provided by us. From the customer need only ground on which the robot will move.
What is the order the robot?
price is formed based on order volume, the number of hours and complete the required services. Price base complete a robot in a single day – 25 000 rubles.
robots What colors can you order?
You can select the robot’s standard colors – blue, orange .. or to order a painting robot in any pantone color.