Mobile robot R.BOT-100-a godsend for those who want to bring into your business with new ideas and innovation, get the most out of marketing promotion of products and services and to go a few steps ahead of competitors.


The service is provided through intelligent assistant, without exaggeration, is a revolution in the advertising industry. Because the use of robot-promoter can provide your business a genuine interest from potential customers and provide opportunities to convey to them your information. Only in the presence of a zone of WiFi access points, he is able to move, interact with people, to provide video and audio recording of an important meeting or presentation, photograph, distortion on-line broadcast your speech and present images.


With this multi-functional assistant operator controlled robot will be able to remotely interact with colleagues and business partners, to provide advice to customers, replacing the front-office professionals and call-center workers, to conduct surveys, to attract such an extraordinary approach to organizing events maximum attention and more more.