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R.BOT works on Russia-2045 lecture


February 19, 2015 The public movement "Russia...


Price freeze оnly until march 31, 2015


SPECIAL OFFER until March 31, 2015! The purchase price until 31 March 2015: - R.BOT full set of 100 349 000 ...


Special offer for buyers


ATTENTION! SPECIAL OFFER! The purchase price until 31 December: - RBOT-100 full set of 349 000 rubles To protect against price increases...


 Forward and reverse telepresence

  R.BOT robot allows you to see and hear in real time, everything that happens near nim.Takzhe others can see you, if housing robot mounted monitor. Robot allows you to communicate, to move, to act on objects. After a small amount of time you step back from reality and feel yourself in the place where the robot. 

 Movement in space

Controlling a robot through the Internet, you can get around. The robot has a two-wheeled chassis and can overcome obstacles up to 10 cm.




Unlimited surveillance area

You can drive almost anywhere to see what was going on or drive up to a certain subject closer to examine it in detail.

Record audio and video

R.BOT robot can not only stream video to the Internet in real time, but also to the photos and videos.

Quick and secure access

Connecting to the robot does not need installation support programs and assistance, you simply go to the site and log in it.

Connect several people 

R.BOT technology allows multiple users to connect to a single robot, which allows for virtual visits, excursions, etc.

Connect to multiple robots

With this feature it is possible to more efficiently distribute the work as employees in retail outlets. If necessary to serve large number of customers, it is possible to switch from one specialist to another outlet.

Safe operation

R.BOT robot has a certificate indicating that he does not represent any danger to people.