The company is currently expanding its business in Russia by creating a network of partner companies in big cities, which will ensure the promotion of products in accordance with the centralized development strategy. The development of relations with partner companies provide various forms of collaboration and cooperation.

The simplest form is the agency contracts, under which the partner company searches for clients and agency receives compensation. In the presence of a partner-company work experience and relevant technical, human, administrative and financial capacity of promising form of cooperation is the dealer agreement or franchise, allowing partner companies to carry out a full range of services for sales and services R.BOT within their areas of responsibility, including creation of the center service-maintenance R.BOT.



R. BOT – renting

R.BOT robots and related equipment can be provided for customer to rent for the period from 1 day to several months or a year. In accordance with the Lease Agreement Landlord Tenant R.BOT passed by the act of reception and transmission. Payment of rent is monthly or quarterly basis, may include a prepayment.

cost of rent per unit of time depends on the lease term and decreases with an increase in the lease term. The rent includes the cost of mandatory service and maintenance. For a fee lessor may provide additional services to the Lessee, for example, operator services, operational support R.BOT, etc.

Rental terms are detailed in the standard lease agreement, which is an Annex to the Agreement of the Company with a partner. The cost of rent regulated R.BOT Price List, which is an integral part of the Agreement with the Partner.


R. BOT – Sales

The company is currently implementing a program of limited sales. Robot can acquire R.BOT state social services and VIP-customers – Partners of the company. The question of the sale each time solved individually at the discretion of the Company.

At the conclusion of the Treaty

R.BOT additional supplies may be paid an extended contract for maintenance (1 year, 2 years or 3 years), because R.BOT is complicated equipment containing electronic and mechanical components that require routine maintenance. Service and maintenance can be carried out only by qualified service and technical center R.BOT. The contract for maintenance of the customer is a partner of the Company, having a service in its territory and Technology Center and the necessary number of technicians who received training in the service-technical center R.BOT in Moscow and received a document certifying qualifications.

The cost of delivery

R.BOT depends on the equipment and the customer requirements to functional and technical equipment in the general case is calculated from the Price List. Delivery is available on request. Delivery time is at least 1 month (for Moscow), and 1.5 months for the regions. Cost R.BOT usually includes the cost of parts and services to create and build the hardware configuration, conducting pre-operational preparation of equipment and provide transportation within the city limits of the Supplier.


R. BOT – services

One of the most important areas – the use of R.BOT in marketing, advertising and promotion of products and services to customers. With R.BOT provided:

  • Interactive Information Support participants, guests and visitors to the event using the robot is installed on the software of reference service that uses the touch-screen robot. The possibility of remote consultants, voice contact with the operator (possible modification of the vote), pre-loaded information playback of video and audio snippets.
  • Advertising company, promoting goods and services. Branding: a wide selection of colors, the use of promotional stickers on robots, robots in the plant boxes (lifletnits) for placement of advertising and promotional materials (format A4, A5, A6), decorative light bulbs, manufacture and installation of external components.
  • ability to play pre-recorded on robots advertising and presentation of sound and musical texts of fragments of varying multimedia information on the touch screens.
  • Conduct market research. The use of an interactive questionnaire, the questionnaire provided by the customer. Chance of a survey or use a voice touch screen.
  • Internet advertising. Organization of Internet broadcasts “event through the eyes of the robot R.BOT». Providing individuals and companies subscribe to the broadcast, with the possibility of visiting a remote event, attendance at meetings, an interactive robot control (freedom of movement, live communication with members and guests to view on-line). Links to live on the customer sites.
  • organization online presentations, mobile video conferencing and virtual tours. Ability to record audio and video broadcasts from robots R.BOT.
  • On-line translation with multilingual remote operators.
  • Entertainment guests and visitors of the event. We offer only experienced trained operators. Possible involvement of professional animators and leading.

Company, a company representing the developer is ready to provide the highest level of any of your event and can carry a full range of services, from tuning robots and interactive training scenario bots in accordance with the requirements of the customer, up to complete engineering and information systems, including the provision of own equipment, the work of professional operators, the development of a unique interface, help system of robots, etc.