For remote control and access to the Internet robot can use a variety of wireless connectivity: WiFi, 3G, 4G. The operator is able to control the robot-Text via LAN or the Internet, using a terminal in any PC, laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone. Simple and intuitive interface the robot being developed quickly and easily, and the software works through a Web browser, without the use and installation of additional software.


The robot, equipped with a camera, microphone, speakers, a color touch screen and a variety of sensors, is able to operate continuously over 8 hours, and the time it is charging only 3 hours. Height of the robot – 1050 mm., Base diameter – 550 mm. Due to its shape and parameters of the robot passes freely in devrnye openings and does not touch the things and people who are around him, turning around an axis. The robot is equipped with a camera that can transmit live-video resolutions up to 640×480, and a highly sensitive microphone, the “voice” Robot provide stereo speakers. “Head” of the robot can rotate in a wide range, due to the unique 4-power-rotation mechanism. The robot can be equipped with touch screen measuring 8 “, 800×600 resolution, tiltable level, human-readable. On the monitor can play pre-recorded presentations and promotional materials, the output of various photos and multimedia, as well as displaying a “live” video from WEB-camera operator.


Security is certified R.BOT ROSTEST.


The technology of R.BOT for events

  • R.BOT uses WiFi wireless LAN and / or Internet (for a dedicated Internet channel)
  • Operators are placed away from the promo area when working in a local network
  • Requires only a table, a chair for the operators and outlet 220
  • WiFi uses its own equipment, bundled R.BOT
  • Laptop for operators is not included in the standard package R.BOT
  • Ability to quickly switch between local and internet operators
  • Continuous operation of the robot up to 8 hours (with a break for lunch)
  • Video recording and viewing video archive
  • The ability to connect your staff when working online